The Second Line Jazz Band is a professional organization and performs for many different types of events: concerts, private parties, weddings, second-line parades, jazz worship services, community functions,..., even jazz funerals! Our performance fee can vary according to location, day of the week, and the length of the engagement.

Q: Will The Second Line Jazz Band perform pro bono or "for the exposure".
A: The usual answer is "No". Professional musicians are entitled to just compensation for the work that they do and, just as in any business, there are hard costs associated with delivering a consistently high-quality product. As individuals and as a professional organization, we have spent many years mastering our art and honing our skills so that we can present a polished, professional entertainment product. If you have special circumstances that you believe merit consideration, and ithe venue, caterers, florists, etc. are donating their services then we will be happy to discuss the possibility with you. 

Q: I only want the band to play one or two songs. Can you discount your fee?
A: No. Like most service providers, The Second Line Jazz Band has fixed costs that must be covered in our performance fee.  

Q: Can you perform for me next week?
A: Our performances and engagements are normally planned months in advance. While we can sometimes perform with a shorter notice (a Jazz Funeral Service for example), we normally need several weeks of lead time.

Q: Can you cut the size of the band?
A: Dixieland jazz bands typically consist of six or seven musicians. If you need a smaller band we can furnish various sized combos. However, your guest's experience will not be as exciting as it will be with the full band. 

If you are interested in having the band perform for your organization or for a private function, please complete this form. Every situation is different, so be as specific as possible in the "Additional information" field.  We will contact you to discuss fees and arrangements. There is a 50% deposit to reserve a date.

Note: The information you provide to us will be kept private.